Awareness raising

The Theodore Puskas Foundation is providing an online reporting service from May 2011, to tackle illegal and harmful contents hosted on the internet. The Hotline was established as a part of the Safer Internet Plus project as a partner of the Hungarian Safer Internet consortium. The project is supported by the European Commission.

The categories of illegal and harmful contents that the hotline handles are the following:

  • Child Sexual abuse images (pictures, videos)
  • Grooming, Cyberbullying
  • Harmful, Violent contents
  • Racial hatred contents
  • Enticement for drug consumption
  • Contents published without the owner's approval
  • Other harmful contents

Main goal of the Hotline is to take down the unlawful contents as soon as possible. Harmful contents can be defined as any kind of website or online video, picture, and text, which can be detrimental for the growth of the young generation. The Theodore Puskas Foundation's main objective is to minimize these threats and take down all these contents or restrict them from the children. To achieve these goals, we are working together with the Hungarian police, the ISPs, and members of the INHOPE association.