Data Protection Policy

For the Theodore Puskás Foundation it is of paramount importance to protect the personal data of the visitors of this website and ensure their self-determination right with regards to information. During its data processing, the Theodore Puskás Foundation pays due respect to the relevant regulations, with special attention to the Act No. 63 of the Year 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Data of Public Interest, as well as the Act No. 6 of the Year 1998 on the Protection of Individuals during the automated processing of personal data.

A personal data may be processed only if the person concerned approves or the act provides so. The provision of data is voluntarily.

The Theodore Puskás Foundation assumes the following obligations:

  • it shall process your data appropriately and lawfully,
  • it shall ensure data security, and shall not transfer the data to third persons without your consent except when so required by law,
  • it shall take necessary technical and procedural steps and create procedure rules ensuring the protection of registered, stored or processed data,
  • it shall prevent the destruction, unauthorized use or alteration of the data.